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xCUBIO phar – Phototrophic Algae Production

xCUBIO phar – Algae Research Excellence

bbi-biotech currently develops the xCUBIO phar. This novel photobioreactor series presents a setup, which will lift the cultivation of algae and other photosynthetic organisms to a new level. Construction and design of this sterilizeable photobioreactor type allows 100% control of the biological parameters and the sterile production of high value biomass. Research will then dispose of a reliable system to fulfill the requirements of high-quality results.

Algae cultivation at lab-scale

Algae can be cultivated even in simplest constructions. The supply of a bottle or a can with garden fertilizer and an aquarium membrane pump is enough to change water’s color to green. First challenge is the detection of growth within the culture vessel, which is mostly done in a photometer or in drying devices. At the end of the development special products from special organisms have special requirements, which have to be implemented into the photobioreactor technology.

Photobioreactor Design Type for Microalgae Production at lab scale
The construction of the xCUBIO phar is engineered for the demands of phototrophic organisms. The customized high-power LED-illumination module will allow the setup of several variations of the photosynthetic active radiation (abr.: phar) between 400 and 700 nm stronger than sunlight. The novel autoclavable system pump allows a complete turbulent mixing of the culture suspension throughout the whole photobioreactor. In the meantime, this technological system allows interpretations about the behavior of microalgae or other phototrophic organisms in scaled production systems.

The readiness of the xCUBIO phar will be announced on this website.

Sterile Photobioreactor Type for Microalgae Production in Product Development and Research
The scaled sterilizable photobioreactor xCUBIO in-situ phar shows a combination of the proven tubular design with technical high-end solutions from pharmaceutical biotechnolgy. The outstanding principle of this photobioreactor with up to 250 Litres is the opportunity of sterilizing the whole system volume with steam on site – as it is required by GMP regulations. This technology of the xCUBIO in-situ phar is based on high-end engineering and our well-designed and fully automatic xCUBIO control system.

  • Gasmix via MFCs with up to six gasses
  • Corrective feed with up to six D/A pumps
  • Multiple sensor equipment (pH, t, pO2,L, O2,exh, pCO2,L, CO2,exh, OD, Redox, Cond., …)
  • Touchscreen interface with intuitive graphical display and menu structure
  • Flexible graphic trend analysis
  • Process data export via USB (csv/xls) or LAN
  • Data exchange and remote access via VNC, OPC or other SCADA system

xCUBIO phar – flexible and reliable

The xCUBIO phar can be equipped with sensors and control functions on your personal choice. The application of thin glass tubes for the photoactive part allows high dry mass concentrations in the culture suspension and is the reason for the long lifetime of this photobioreactor. The reproducible experimental conditions produce valid results and the automation with intuitive operational concept via touch screen provides access to all relevant process parameters when needed.

Please contact us for the corporate development of your personal optimal system setup with the consulting of our experts.