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xCUBIO in-situ for Algae Fermentation

xCUBIO in-situ – Algae Performance

The algae bioreactors of the type xCUBIO in-situ have been engineered for the enlarged biomass production. When the demand for clean and high-value biomass increases after successful scientific work the in-situ bioreactors present the next step in the scale-up chain. The process technology of the xCUBIO in-situ can be adapted to algae, mosses and plant cells and features an interface between green or blue biotechnology and a GMP-regulated biomass production.


in-situ sterilizable bioreactor or fermenter for bacteria cultivation

Standardized in-situ bioreactors

The design of in-situ bioreactors is made for many different types of microorganisms. Their engineering is basically different from our smaller bioreactor types for laboratory scale, e.g. the xCUBIO single or the xCUBIO twin. In-situ bioreactors do not need to be transported to an autoclave for sterilization as they are steam-sterilized on site – in-situ. For handling the sterilization process on site, the following basic parameters have to be issued during bioreactor-engineering:

  • All bioreactor devices with media contact have to be sterilized.
  • Super-clean steam has to be fed accurately to all bioreactor devices.
  • All bioreactor devices have to be made for the sterilization pressures and temperatures.
  • The sterilization process has to be logged and carried out by GMP or other relevant guidelines.


The adapted in-situ technologies fundamentally allow scaling bioreactors up to several thousand liters of cultivation volume to build production facilities. But the variety of biotechnology processes generally demands for many specific technological adaptations which lead to expensive customized solutions. The novel xCUBIO in-situ platform now contains many standardized components, so that we have been able to reduce the investment down to essential values.


Algae Photobioreactor Design and Construction

In-situ bioreactors for algae, mosses and plant cells

The sterile environment can be supplied to phototrophic microorganisms in heterotrophic culture as well. The in-situ technology is a sensible scaling opportunity for lab-scale productions, even if axenic cultures are hardly available in this sector. But we provide the integration of some specific technologies into our in-situ bioreactors to fulfil the extraordinary demands of photo-active organisms:

  • Online detection of Chlorophylls, Carotenoids and other colorants
  • Balancing of gasses (oxygen and carbon dioxide in aqueous and gas phase, hydrogen in gas phase)
  • Salinity measurement incl. control option
Please contact us for the concept design of your in-situ sterilizable algae bioreactor facility.