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xCUBIO Algae Bioreactors

The heterotrophic fermentation of algae, plants or mosses is an alternative to the current photobioreactor technology. Functions and design of bioreactors from white and red biotechnology can be transferred to phototrophic microorganisms with suitable adaptations. Hence, the proven bioreactor toolboxes of our xCUBIO series are at your disposal for heterotrophic algae cultivation.

xCUBIO bioreactor toolbox

xCUBIO Bioreactor system configuration klThe xCUBIO bioreactor toolbox provides a flexible set of all bioreactor functions for a standardized structure during customized bioreactor engineering. A fitting bioreactor configuration is chosen by the desired type of cultivation and the cultivated microorganism. While geometry and peripheral technology of scaled bioreactor production plants are specified during the customized engineering, bbi-biotech supplies standardized bioreactor vessels made of glass, steel or plastic for laboratory scale with volumes up to 10 liters as well. Based on a proposed standard configuration, additional technical devices and sensors, e.g. balances, pumps or media supply can be selected from an options list. A big variety of sensor technologies and control functions allows a complete surveillance of all process parameters – if desired.

xCUBIO-bioreactors are installed in very different applications after customizing them out of the toolbox. We already delivered adapted systems for e.g. mammal cell culture or for sterile production of agro-bacteria. Another toolbox opportunity is to take single elements to replace aged components of existing bioreactors and to bring them to the latest state-of-the-art. We will develop solutions in a team, if there are extra-ordinary requirements for your specific biotechnological process – innovation for biotech.



xCUBIO Algae Bioreactors

The xCUBIO bioreactor toolbox has been enlarged with accessories for the requirements of algae and other xCUBIO Photobioreactor type microalgae production and research phototrophic organisms or plant cells. For heterotrophic cultivation our bioreactors can e.g. be equipped with automatic nutrient supply, based on a free choice of control parameters, like turbidity or carbon dioxide partial pressure. Some special applications for the induction of stress or the so-called phototrophic biomass upgrade are supported by the installation of high-power illumination sensors at specific wavelengths. An external illumination could also be installed for comparing phototrophic and heterotrophic growth when choosing a glass vessel main bioreactor.

These few adaptations allow the application of our xCUBIO bioreactors as full-scale algae bioreactors, including all advantages of a biotechnology, which had been developed for the pharmaceutical sector. The controls of the xCUBIO systems are prepared for a future scale process.


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