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Algae Bioreactor References

Algae Bioreactor References

Our technologies have already been installed in several plants for algae production. We earned a deep photobiological expertise which can be combined with our origin from the pharmaceutical biotechnology and the flexible list of accessories of our developed xCUBIO-Toolbox to fulfill most requirements. Please see below the properties of the customized photobioreactors, which have been constructed and installed under the synergetic use of all our experiences.


Photobioreactor Algae bbi-biotech

Tubular 25 L Glass – Photobioreactor

This photobioreactor with glass tubes for the photoactive system part has been developed for the cultivation of thermophile cyanobacteria. It is prepared to be upgraded with a steam generator for the sterile cultivation of very sensitive or genetically modified organisms (GMO).

  • Cultivation of thermophile blue algae
  • Full illumination control
  • Day/ night cycles and other light cycles freely programmable
  • Turbidity measurement for control function
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Parallel feed of two corrective media (more available optional)
  • All technical devices certified for in-situ sterilization
  • Operating at the University of Berkeley, California, USA
Photobioreactor xCUBIO pbr bbi-biotech

xCubio PBR – High-End Photobioreactor

The 100% autoclavable photobioreactor resulted from cooperation with IGV Biotech. The xCubio PBR was made for university research and education and has an overall volume of app. four liters. The thin glass tubes allow high dry mass contents and the huge variety for process measurement technologies has been efficiently installed within the limited space of the central system vessel.

  • Cultivation of various microalgae strains
  • Full illumination control
  • Day/ night cycles and other light cycles freely programmable
  • Turbidity measurement for control function
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Mobile and compact construction allows full sterilization in lab-scale autoclaves
  • Operating at the University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany
MEDUSA in-situ sterilizable photobioreactor type constructed for algae and microalgae production on high level

MEDUSA – Sterile Airlift Photobioreactor

The bbi-biotech staff had relevant responsibilities in the development of the in-situ photobioreactor type MEDUSA. The MEDUSA has a design ofvertical glass loops with an airlift-mixing which allows the cultivation even of very sensitive phototrophic organisms.

  • Cultivation of various microalgae strains
  • In-situ autoclavable
  • Sensitive mixing by airlift principle
  • No dark zones
  • High-end process control system with cascaded control functions for all relevant process parameters
  • Operating in protected area
Automation and Control for Algae Bioreactors and Photobioreactors

Process Control Systems for Scaled Algae Production

We installed algae-specific process control systems based on our technological xCUBIO series toolbox. The systems have been adapted for research, education and for GMP production first. Secondly, issues from industrial algae production concerning robustness and energy efficiency have already been implemented

  • Touch screen operation on site
  • Customized choice of digital and analogue I/O-groups
  • Secure data logging, graphic analyzer and data exchange in Excel-format
  • Remote access via Ethernet and/or OPC interface
  • Integration into superior control system
  • Skid installation with frequency converters, electricity supply and controllers within a switch cabinet for external installation
  • Operating with the novel HORIZON photobioreactor by IGV Biotech at industrial scale.