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GMP and Pharma Application

Algae in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Some properties of algae are of huge interest for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Most of them are eukaryotic and have cell products which are more suitable for the human immune system than substances from bacterial origin. In the meantime, the sector can get access to an unused area of active substances within the group of phototrophic organisms, which is currently just applied in natural medicine. Our fermenters and bioreactors open this pool of active agents and we like to provide our expertise for your successful projects.

Algae and GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is established as production standard within pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. All installations and process of up- and downstream must be qualified and validated according to GMP guidelines before products get a chance to enter the market. bbi-biotech’s staff has successfully guided various installations worldwide through the processes of qualification and validation. They have experienced, which processes and technologies are necessary for a successful admission.

Industrial Algae Production is Agriculture

This argument is valid for the phototrophic cultivation of algae, as their aim is the production of bulk ware, e.g. food, biofuels or feed additives. But agricultural processes are hard to qualify for pharmaceutical and medical products, so that algae, mosses and plant cells need alternative technologies to be exploited. bbi-biotech provides an extensive pool of knowledge and specific expertise for the GMP compliant application of phototrophics:

  • The demands of photosynthetic active organisms
  • Technological adaptations for heterotrophic algae productions
  • Turnkey-delivery of bioreactors and fermenters from lab- until production scale
  • Process automation with our own xCUBIO control system
  • Stainless steel component and high-end sensor technologies
  • System engineering for in-situ sterilization
  • Project calculation and feasibility studies

Please contact us to get our consulting for processes, applications and advantages of phototrophic organisms form heterotrophic and GMP-compliant cultivation. We will check the feasibility together.