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Algae project development

Project and Plant Development

Many industrial algae projects are developed, but just a poor amount becomes reality. Business plans are milestones on a high level as the algae sector is very dynamic and it is absolutely necessary to have a certain market access and some scientific expertise. We share our knowhow about the algae markets as well as about the production of raw and intermediate products for a successful project implementation.

Feasibility studies

After fixing the project spot on an area with suitable interfaces and climate conditions concept engineering has to be done. We develop this first feasibility study together with you and check the basic opportunities for setting up an economic algae production. We will supply you with a technological and scientific foundation for the preparation of a reliable business plan. This includes e.g.:

  • 3D plant layout drafts
  • Basic flow charts
  • Technology and process recommendations
  • Output estimations based on climate data
  • Algae product recommendation
  • Economy calculations

When we reach positive results we provide to continue the cooperation with you as a partner for relevant technical system parts.

Plant development

Each project has specific approaches and various requirements. Extraordinary desires meet technological necessities. We develop a plant concept, which shows the brilliance of a lighthouse project and which convinces with its operational figures – together with you. We are not fixed on certain technologies but adapt our focus on e.g. high-end applications by GMP-guidelines, architectural or artistic design objects or on bulk products for the energy sector.


Project development Algae Facade

Algaebioreactors integrated into a curved glass facade. The architectural concept was part of a succesful diploma thesis.